Ian Koeller

Professional Live and Session Drummer


Drums and Cymbals 

Touring set up (Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple)

This kit is my set for bigger gigs, and road work, its a bigger set up and allows me to cover a lot of styles. its an all maple and African Wengae Wood, and sounds great!

Kick: 22x18

Toms: 10x7, 12x8 and 14x13 16x15

Snare: 14x6 Anton Fig snare, 10x4 stage Side Snare 

Live and Club Kit (Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute)

This kit is the kit i use for club gigs and smaller gigs around town, Its an older Birch custom kit, where all the toms are mounted so its easy to throw in the car and take to clubs,

Kick: 22x16

Toms: 10x8, 12x8, 16x14

Snare: Yamaha Anton Fig 14x6

CYMBALS (Zildjian)


I have been using Zildjian Cymbals since I can remember. I like a mix of K's and A's. With cymbals it really depends on the gig I am playing, so I keep a vast arsenal of Zildjian Cymbals at the ready to cater to any music situation.



SNARE DRUMS (Ludwig & Yamaha)

Yamaha Anton Fig Signature Snare 14"/6"

This is my main live gigging snare drum and by far my favorite snare drum of all time! Its also my only non Ludwig drum. this thing just sounds amazing, and it's toO bad Yamaha does not make it anymore. if you can get your hands on one I STRONGLY recommend it! 



Monitors (Dream Earz & Porter and Davies BC2) 

As of January 2014 I will be using Dream Earz Custom molded in ears. These are some of the finest custom in-ears on the market today, they are hand crafted in St. Petersburg, Florida, by musicians for musicians. For his proformances I will be using the DRM 3X triple driver monitors. I am proud to use these fantastic ears. 

As of February 2016, Ian will be using the BC2 from Porter and Davies! This is an amazing product from The United Kingdom that puts you right back in touch with your bottom end and your bass drum, for far too long drummers have been playing and not getting the full round sound of there kit on stage loosing almost all there low end. This product solves that, by using a tactile monitor the BC2 sends a signal from a standard bass drum microphone up the spine via bone conduction and into the inner ear with NO latency, giving the drummer the full rich tone and feel of there bass drum, with out any stage volume what so ever, that means weather your playing a tiny club or a massive stadium, the BC2 will give you the sound and feel to make you groove and play like never before, Ian says this "the BC2 allows me to play the drums the way they where supposed to be played, no longer am i struggling to hear my kick, which is the most important drum by the way. even if the monitors on stage are not good, the BC2 makes me think and play like i have great monitors!"

 In January 2018 Ian Officially started using Drumtacs! Drumtacs are a sound control pad that removes high frequency and often annoying overtones from your drums, These pads help you get a great sound more quickly while achieving a deeper focused tone with improved response and greater attack. Ian says, "For years i used other gel based products and after 3 or 4 gigs they would melt and be a gooey mess. Drumtacs are so clean looking and make my drums sound incredible! I absolutely love them!!"

In 2019 Ian starting using Cympad cymbal washers, These amazing washers inhance the sound and tone of your cymbals much better then traditional felts. Ian comments, "I love Cympad cymbal washers, they make my Zildjian K's and A's absolutely sing and i no longer have any more rattling on my stands, its like the cymbal is on a perfect cloud."

Heads (Evans)

as of June 2013 Ian Offically switched to Evans drumheads, the Level 360 technology is fantastic and innovative, Ian comments "I love Evans, the sound is fantastic and they are so easy to tune, they are by far the most consistant drumheads I have ever come across, they make the drums sing!" Ian will be using a Power Reverse Dot on the snare, G2's on the toms, and an emad on the bass drum. 

Sticks (PROMARK)

In June of 2014 I switched to Promark drum sticks, I really like these sticks, they are very comfortable, and they feel great to play with. I don't have to worry about them breaking and not being cosistant, I can pick up any pair and just start playing. I cant wait to use promark on all my gigs and session and in my teaching.