Ian Koeller

Professional Live and Session Drummer


Ian Koeller is a professional session and live musician from New York and currently living in Burlington Vermont. A fourth generation musician Ian takes after his father and grandfather in music. His father a sax player in New York and Vermont, he got Ian started in music exposing him to the Jazz greats past and present. At age 4 Ian got his first set of drums and started working out grooves and fills he heard on the radio. By age 11 Ian studied with world renowned educator Jeff Salisbury, with Jeff, Ian refined his playing by working on reading, rudiments, styles, hand technique, and live performance.

Ian started playing professionally age 16, first with his own band the Microwave Mangos. A year later began a relationship with singer Jenni Johnson whom he still works with today. In 2007 he Joined the Gang Of Thieves and Progressive rock band Theravada, he recorded Theravada's only record "Make Everyday Your Banquet". He Performed countless gigs and concerts with the Gang Of Thieves until his departure in 2008. In late 2008 he joined on with singer/songwriter Kip De Moll, he recorded and toured with Kip until 2011. With Kip he traveled the east coast. In 2009, upon Graduation from high school, Ian Started doing session work in New York City, he did everything from club dates to ghost work navigating the New York scene. He continued to travel to New York City and back to Vermont doing weddings and anything he could get his hands on.

In 2012 Ian began working with Jimmy T Thurston and played his entire 2012 summer season, as well as playing the last half of 2012 with Keeghan Nolan. Upon leaving Jimmy T, Ian began giving back by starting to teach with the Contois School Of Music. Ian started his current relationship with country artist Joe McGinness, in 2013, together he and Joe have recorded albums and singles together. playing countless concerts and opening gigs, Ian found a home base with Joe. Ian has not stopped doing freelance work, 2015 saw a very busy year! Ian worked with Megan and Liz, David Pollack, Jenni Johnson, A House On Fire, Bob Levinson, The Phil Abair Band, as well as Joining Rick and the Ramblers, a band his father was in 20 years ago.

Ian is currently a very high demand session and live musician, playing close to 80 - 90 gigs and sessions a year. He is currently teaching drums and percussion at the Contois school of music, where he is also a part of there live band program promoting music education to local area's. Ian has been with the school for 3 years. He is still working with his good friend Joe McGinness and will be very busy during the next year. Ian continues to be a High demand hired and session musician working with Rick and the Ramblers, Bob Levison, David Pollack, and of course continuing to teach future drummers.