Ian Koeller

Professional Live and Session Drummer

Live Discography

Ian Koeller has an extensive recording and live history, Here are just some of the names Ian has worked with.

Joe McGinness

David Pollack

Phil Abair Band

Zach Nugent

Dead Set

The Hitmen

Daniel Ray Edwards

Big Boots DeVille


Bob Stannard

Megan & Liz

Rick and the Ramblers

Mango Jam


Birchwood Coupe

Jimmy T Thurston

Keeghan Nolan

Nellys Echo

Tim Brick

Lizi Hayes

Steph Pappas

Woody and the Rainmakers 

Jim Bowen


Jenni Johnson

Joe Adler

Joshua Glass 

Julia Beerworth 

Microwave Mangos

Diago Cezar 

Ferdinando Terada

United Countries Collaborations  

Phat Tuesday and the Astro Bus

Neon Plum

Sunset Armory

Kenny Baccus

Grant Koeller

Cameron Vorhees

Jason Hevieux

The Gang Of Thieves


Kip de Moll

Blues Birds

Russ Ruger

Ben Schwartz